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About GTLC

The Golden Triangle Learning Center is a not-for-profit organization. As a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization, every dollar of tuition goes towards providing high quality childcare. This helps us maintain our low student-to-teacher ratios in all our classrooms.

Being a tax-exempt organization also means that annual donations and additional contributions to The Golden Triangle are tax deductible. As a not-for-profit center, participants in the center’s

fundraisers are also eligible to receive a tax deduction for their contributions to the Center.

Now enrolling
Infants, Toddlers
and Preschool children through
age 5.

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The Golden Triangle Learning Center is an awarding-winning, quality Childcare Center in the Golden Triangle neighborhood, just south of downtown Denver, minutes from Denver Health, Anthem BlueCross & BlueShield and Channel 4 news.  Created in 1987 under the name St. John’s Children’s Center, the facility was developed by parents. The Center was designed to best fulfill parents’ wants and needs for their children. The Center has an open door policy and accommodates parents visiting throughout the day. Our facility is secure and has a large fenced in secure outdoor play area for the children as well.  The Board of Directors, which is made up mostly of parents of children attending the Center governs the facility, and assists the staff by supporting a quality early childhood program.
Our Philosophy
The Golden Triangle Learning Center is a non-profit Childcare Center dedicated to creating a learning environment in which each child can experience the value of love, acceptance, sharing, and caring.
The following guidelines have become our focus in order to maintain the continuity of our philosophy:

    • Parents, teachers, and children are partners in the learning process
    • Each child is recognized as an individual with interests, learning, and developmental rates different from any other child
    • The learning environment provides a balance of child vs. teacher directed activities.
    • Our discipline philosophy emphasizes self-regulation and redirecting. This encourages children to learn boundaries and how to get along well with others
    • The atmosphere emphasizes the acceptance and celebration of the uniqueness of others—free from racial or gender bias
      Your Convenience
      Parents who work downtown have mentioned how convenient it is having childcare close to their work rather than close to home. Some of these perks are:
        • Having the center close to work means not having to drop off right at opening and hoping to be able to make it to work on time, especially in bad weather and the same for evening pick ups
        • Can maximize the morning time with your children: talking and singing while commuting
        • Close by for breastfeeding visits for infants and general visits as well
        • Greater peace of mind knowing you can quickly get to the center if your child becomes ill
        • Convenient for you child’s appointments

          For more information or to tour the center please call:

          Or feel free to visit us at any time between 6:45 am and 6:00 pm at 990 Acoma Street, Denver,
          or email at goldentrianglelearningcenter1@gmail.com